The Benefits Of My Health Record

My Health Record is the name given to the national digital health record system. This essentially means that your medical records can be digitally stored in one place. This can include, medical conditions, allergies, treatments and scan or test reports. This becomes particularly useful as specialists and doctors can view the records online during an accident and emergency of even during a routine checkup.

My Health Record is continuously growing and evolving, the more people who use My Health Record will result in a better connected system that will ultimately become faster and more efficient for both the doctors and patients.

Benefits Of My Health Record

Improved Safety

Whether it is an emergency or a routine checkup, My Health Record users will be able to access a rundown of your health information which may be vital during a medical emergency.

Strong Security

Security is prioritised by My Health Record to ensure that only the right people have access to your My Health Record at the right time.

The importance of privacy

In order to create your my health record, information such as name, date of birth and previous medical records need to be provided. However, you are able to set restrictions on your profile to control what professionals can and cannot see. No information is disclosed to anyone other parties unless required by law.

Convenience is key

Gone are the days when you have to scratch your head and think of an answer to a medical question your doctor asks you. This is the same for your child’s health too. My Health Record will store all of your health history in one place that is for your doctor to access. Not only is it accessible by your doctors or specialists, it is also accessible inter state, so if you move any throughout Australia, you are still able to access all of your medical information.

What this means for Children Surgery patients

Children Surgery is a paperless clinic, therefore efficiency is at an optimum level. We also use the latest medical practice software and digital technology which makes us leaders within the field. The digital technology comes with high level security to ensure all information is stored securely. Integration with My Health Record allows all necessary and vital information to be accessed immediately without any misinterpretation. Children Surgery also has encrypted correspondence with referring doctors and is able to send a prompt specialist opinion to GP’s.

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