As a specialist in paediatric surgery, including neonatal cases, Dr Jill Orford can provide a wide range of services to the youngest of patients. This includes many simple, routine procedures, and more complex cases that need the attention of an experienced paediatric surgeon. Urgent appointments are available, so if you need Dr Orford’s expertise, there are many prestigious hospitals where surgery can be performed.

Neonatal surgery

Dr Orford has worked with the youngest of patients, with many years experience of neonatal surgery; where the patients are newborns. She often carries out tongue tie surgery, which can help when the condition is affecting the ability to breastfeed, or can be carried out in older children where it’s affecting speech or eating.

Some surgical procedures need to be carried out as young as possible, and while this can be upsetting for parents, it’s reassuring to have a specialist like Dr Jill Orford to perform the surgery. This could be due to congenital anomalies, or other issues that are present at birth. Antenatal counseling is offered to discuss your baby’s options for surgery, and to talk through how and when the procedure should be carried out.

Dr Orford also offers male circumcision in Newcastle, NSW, under general anaesthesia after 6 months of age. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing the surgery will be carried out by a highly qualified paediatric surgeon with years of experience. This allows for safe access to circumcision in New South Wales, and for patients travelling from further afield.

Routine surgery

When a child needs surgery, it’s often stressful for the parents too, which is why the right paediatric surgeon is important. You can be assured by Dr Orford’s record, which includes years of carrying out routine surgery such as correcting hypospadias and undescended testes, repairing hernias, and performing hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal surgery. As a highly qualified and experienced children’s surgeon, you can be sure your child is in safe hands. With options such as laparoscopic surgery available, many procedures can be carried out in a minimally invasive fashion, leaving minimal scarring and offering less painful surgery.

Other services

In addition to her many consultant duties, Dr Jill Orford offers telehealth services, where she deals with patients in remote locations to give them her expert opinion. She’s also available for medico-legal reports on request.

Having worked with babies and children for many years, Dr Jill Orford offers a wide range of medical services. With urgent appointments available, you can be sure your child will be seen quickly and given the highest levels of care. While surgery can be a daunting prospect, you can enjoy peace of mind by choosing an experienced surgeon to carry out the procedure on your child.

If you wish to speak to Dr Jill Orford regarding any of the services above, whether it is regarding neonatal surgery or for male circumcision in NSW please email or contact 1300 37 5455.